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Shining the light of God's Word by Preaching, Teaching, Reaching and Serving the Hurting in Love

God’s Word is the light that gives us direction in life. With knowledge of His Word, we can live confidently. The Word of God clearly shows the best ways to walk in life, the paths that will be beneficial to our lives. The light of God’s Word enables us to truly prevail in life and overcome the darkness of this world.

God does not want us to live in spiritual darkness. He designed us to live in the light of His Word. He made this beautiful planet for us to live on beneath a bright, shining sun, and He gave us His Word so that we can live in the spiritual light as well. When we live in the light of God’s Word, we have fellowship with Him. Our fellowship is maintained by faithfully exposing our minds to the light of God’s Word and acting upon it.

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The Bible is the very word of God, God speaking to us.

God has spoken in the Bible and continues to communicate and confirm what he has said.

That gives us great confidence as preachers. We preach what was being said in the biblical passage, so that the same instruction, encouragement, commission, warning, or promise is passed on to the congregation. And we trust that the same Spirit who inspired the text will press it home to today’s hearers.

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