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hear, read, or partake of the living Word will encounter the love, power and hope found in Jesus!

3 Things we want you to know

Jesus is the Light that dispels every darkness.Walk in the LIGHT

The JOY of the Lord is your Strength

Nehemiah 8:10

You can always give without loving, but you can never love without giving.



" God is doing a great thing in and through this ministry. Let us join them in prayer that God continues to bless this ministry"

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The Joy of the Lord is my strength!

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What an amazing time we had on our

1st Jesus Joy Retreat on April 28-30th!!

It started off with a burst of startling and frightening laughter when we arrived at what we thought was the location and started putting in codes ringing doorbells and peeking in windows trying to get into a house that turned out to be the WRONG house!  We sped away from that driveway praying the police weren't on their way!!  The younger ones were laughing their heads off while the older ones were in shock and disbelief!

Imagine the headlines....

"Criminal elements pretending to be a Women's Church Retreat group breaks into the unsuspecting senior family home!! lololl

Wow! I can really laugh now! 

Now that's real JOY when you realize you miss spending the night in jail....but God ....gave us something to laugh and have joy about and that was just the beginning!!

Stay tuned for more joyful encounters!!

8/4..........I just remember that I promised you more.. lol.. there is so much more but I must share this!!

On the final day which was a Sunday we had made plans to visit a local church that I had found online, which unfortunately started late morning but we decided on it anyways.

We pulled up to an empty parking lot of a church in a "less-than-desirable" neighborhood

(Lesson #1.... don't be fooled by pictures you see on beautiful websites!!!!!)

but we thought well " everybody ain't able to have a big building, right? and as for the empty parking lot....., aaaah, they might be just running late!

(Lesson #2 .... if not even the deacon is there to open up early...sumting is wrong!! lollol

So we left quickly (as we surveyed the surroundings) disappointed but knowing that all things work together for good......

Every other church we stopped by their service was over, or ending !!

God what is HAPPENING was my silent cry!

After the ladies started praying and calling on the Lord Jesus, we decided to call on SIRI and this one church popped out to me

(Lesson #3 "Many are the plans of a man's heart but the purpose of God shall prevail"  Proverbs 19:21)

We ended up at a Spanish Ministry ( with English an interpreter) on the waterfront!  with an amazing dynamic young preacher/teacher!  We made some great FRIENDS.... brothers and sisters WHO welcomed us with open arms!

God knows exactly where He wanted us, and had to close some doors to lead us to His PERFECT PLAN for our Sunday worship.

My Friend, remember, for a child of God a closed door is never a sign of rejection but a sign of your Father's REDIRECTION!

Let's continue to believe that He is HANNE'EMAN, the Faithful God!

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