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God Still Speaks!!

As I journeyed to our Leadership early morning prayer, I had an encounter with the Lord that shook me to the core! The Lord Jesus spoke in my heart saying:

“ There is an all-out attack on the JOY of His people! We have understood and declared that we will “FEAR NOT!” and have won many battles based on years of teachings on how to overcome the spirit of fear and walk in victory.

So now, in this season there is an all-out attack from the enemy, Satan, to rob us of our joy, knowing that the Word declares, ”The JOY of the Lord is our STRENGTH”.

The attack is most ferocious in the SEASON of Christmas when the Bible declares:

“JOY to the world the Lord has come”.

After telling the leaders who were present of this encounter, I received this text in the midst of my ponderings and it reads……

“Pastor Nov, The Lord lay you on my heart this morning❤🙏🏽 “

Psalms 5:11 (KJV) "But let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice: let them ever shout for JOY because thou defendest them: let them also that love thy name be JOYFUL in thee."

HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD!!!! What a powerful, precise, and on-time confirmation from a sister many many miles away!

This revelation of God's will, confirmation of what He spoke in my spirit, and the explosion of joy I experienced in my heart brought to light the vision, mission, and direction for 2023!!

We need our JOY back!!

The enemy has come in through our circumstances, situations, families, yes families! even friends! co-workers, and any means he can use to derail, sidetrack, discourage, disturb, disrupt, oppress, and depress God's people and rob them of the sustaining power of the joy of the Lord which is their strength! So in a desperate effort of being able to say we're doing OK we settle for just being happy, which is so fleeting and conditional because as soon as nothing is happening we are no longer happy! And so this vicious cycle of constantly DOING, which inevitably distracts us from BEING who God has called us to be, begins the roller coaster ride........

BUT, no more will the enemy .......

TRICK us out of God's promises and

TREAT us to his LIES!!!

because we have the answer to this dilemma!





As God drop this acronym in my spirit, I began to realize the CRITICAL and VITAL need for putting Jesus over everything in our lives!

As these vision seeds continue to germinate and grow in the heart of this Outreach Ministry, we anticipate your support in prayers, finances, and your presence as we prepare to engage the enemy by presenting more Jesus in every walk of life!!

Please pray for our:

*Jesus Joy Binge Weekend Retreats !!


*Night of Joy & Laughter in the Lord!!

....and every other ministry outreach and event where Jesus is glorified, His people are edified, and the enemy is nullified!!

Have a JESUS-JOY-FILLED week and check back for more insights into this Joy Journey!

Blessings always


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