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The SON-rise is shining!

Even if the sun didn’t rise in your life today due to some dark clouds of situation and circumstances, be assured that the SON (Jesus Christ) will always rise and shine in your life as you continue to trust & obey Him. He promises he’ll never leave you nor forsake He will be with you always, even to the end!

Keep looking for the silver lining that will appear behind that cloud reminding you that, although you might not see Him,

He is still working behind that dark cloud to bring to light His promises. John 1:9 declares Him to be the 'Light' of the world! In this amazing season of Christmas when we celebrate the birth of our Lord, the enemy tries to cloud out Jesus the Light of the world with

doubts and fears but please remember

He’s with you!

He’s for you!

And He’s got you!

What a comforting assurance to live by. So just choose to…

Live right

Do right &

it will be

ALL-RIGHT!.......... In Jesus name!

Merry Christmas & Happy & Prosperous New Year

Rev. Nov


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